Colorist, Online Editor and VFX Artist Felix Trolldenier lives and works in Berlin. After receiving BAs in film studies and physics from the UNC at Wilmington in 2010, Felix worked on first projects in New York City, then moved back to Germany. Since 2012 he works in his own studio, Trollfilm. He offers a purist's approach to image quality and support from pre-production through final delivery for documentary and narrative motion pictures and art projects. In addition Felix creates 3D previsualizations for art projects.


Felix creates workflows, offers on-set and near-set DIT services, supports the editing phase and produces any file-based deliveries including the DCP.


Located in a hidden corner of Friedrichshain, Felix's studio allows for concentrated color sessions in a relaxed atmosphere. A Barco F32 projects the images on a Stewart Studiotek 100

3.2 m wide reference screen.


phone: +49 (0)1523 4213 931




Boxhagener Str. 117

Loftgebäude 3. Hinterhof

10245 Berlin


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